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Casey the Pirate

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Casey the Pirate

Final Chemo . . . the Next Steps

March 21st, 2018 · 6 Comments · Uncategorized

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Casey received his fifth and what was likely his final Carboplatin treatment on Monday.  Now, we move on to the osteosarcoma vaccine.  Maybe.

I spoke with The Oncology Service yesterday and was quoted $460 for an initial exam with X-rays plus $1,200 for each of three treatments, over $4,000 I total.  We didn’t discuss the cost of follow-up exams.  Geez, the cost to participate in this extended field trial just keeps going up.  We looked at outside funding sources, and at least one would not consider Casey due to age; they consider cancer a normal disease of old age, and Casey is 11 1/2.

I need to schedule his initial exam for next week, as his first treatment will be April 6.  Tough decisions.

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  • dawn3g

    We’re in a similar boat, and I agree, the huge cost is really anxiety provoking. We’re set to go back to the Veterinary Cancer Center on 4/10 for Fallon to receive the vaccine. It was going to be given at our last appointment on 3/15, but Aratana could not travel to do the necessary site visit because of one of the many snow storms. More time to fret and save up money.

    I’m set on doing it. It’s rolling the dice, I know, but results have been so encouraging. I guess I think of it as spending 4K for the possibility of another year or more with Fallon and when I put it in those terms, it is a no brainer to me. I know if we do nothing we may get those same results..or Fallon may develop another health problem that dashes our dreams–she is also 11 1/2. But since there’s no way to know, I just feel like I have to do everything.

    We also looked into other funding sources. I found osteosarcoma as an exclusion for some, many programs I’ve found on lists just don’t exist anymore or are not helping with treatment costs as part of their mission anymore. So I guess we’re on our own.

    Wishing you and Casey all the best!

  • rottwlr2

    Disappointing to hear about the cost. To come to conclusions about the effectiveness of the vaccine they need dogs to participate. Making it cost prohibitive seems counterproductive.

    • tlahaye

      You really nailed this! As we got closer to study time about three weeks ago, there were four dogs enrolled at the oncology center, and they were all to receive their first vaccine this Friday. When I arrived for the pre-study exam and testing today, Casey is the only dog left in the study. Everyone else was scared away by the cost, so we’ll see what happens.

  • dougo1

    I hear you. I will have to go into more debt than I already am and we just had the amputation
    I really would like to have that for my cookie though.

    I will find a way as it seems like a good possibility of extra good years. My cookie is 7 and if you know of any financial help I would love to know

  • benny55

    Alrighty sweet Casey! Chemo is done! Good job!!

    Yeah, tough decisions. How does Casey feel about Vet trips? Does he mind all the poking and prodding, or just chill about it?

    Geez, jate that comment that they consider that piece of crap disease a “normal” age “disease”. That’s a pretty crappy mindset, but , unfortunately all too prevalent.

    You’ll .ake the eight decision for Casey. It will be one from @ove, and that’s always the right decision!

    Sally and Alumni Happy Hannah and Merry Myrtle and Frankie too!

  • rikntracy

    Great job, Casey! We are pulling for you, buddy. Zato worked with TOS in Richmond.

    Check out to see if they can help.

    Tracy & Warrior Angel Zatoichi

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