Jet joined Casey and Jake at the bridge Wednesday

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Hemangiosarcoma is nasty!  Jet’s revision surgery was in February and by early April, his lump returned and was growing fast.  We looked into additional treatments, and elected to ride things out.  It was a pretty short ride, and when he passed, his pea-sized lump had grown to the size of a baking potato and as his vet said, “All it’s eyes are sprouting.”  I won’t go into all the details unless asked, but our vet is wonderful with pain meds and Jet was comfortable to the end.  He swam last week, and walked a mile with Bode and me the night before his trip.  The last straw was cranial involvement and bleeding from his nostrils.

So, three dogs lost in 13 months.  Talk about holes in your heart.  Ann had been looking for puppies for a while, and called on some locally Wednesday morning.  Yesterday, I was napping, dreaming that Jet was next to me and I was scratching behind his ear when my phone rang.  It was the local guy . . . you can come out now if you’re still interested.

May I introduce you to Rex and Rosie . . . That’s Rosie on the top.  Their mom is a Golden and their dad is a German Shepard.

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